Boarding Rhodesian Ridgebacks


For dogs purchased from Jarracada Kennels, we’re generally available to board dogs when your family goes on holiday, if we’re available. Your dog will be fed the same food (the BARF diet), get the same regular exercise (one or two big runs in a paddock each day), the same warm inside sleeping conditions, and the same loving care as our dogs.

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We charge $25 a day. Bookings long in advance are preferred.

While we take the best care of your dog as we can, we have a few requirements:

  • We’ll only care for dogs
    • That were bred by Jarracada Kennels
    • That do not have a history of aggression
    • That are completely house-trained (that is, not to wee or poo inside)
    • That are de-sexed
  • Please ensure your dog is nicely washed within a day of being brought to us
  • We only feed dogs the BARF diet with a mix of chicken wings and meaty bones; please don’t bring food any food

What to bring when dropping off your dog:

  1. A bed for your dog, that it knows and likes
  2. One favourite dog toy
  3. Any medication your dog takes

Nothing else is required – please don’t bring anything extra.

Term and and conditions

Term and and conditions of boarding your Rhodesian Ridgebacks with us:

  1. All care, no responsibility
    1. We will treat your dog like one of our own, but if something terrible happens (for example, it escapes and is hit by a car or it’s injured in a dog fight), you won’t hold us liable
  2. If any emergency vet fees are required, you will reimburse us
    1. We’ll try to get a hold of you to discuss fees, but if we cannot, we’ll use our best judgement
  3. You’ll pay in full before, or when the dog is dropped off
    1. Payment may be in cash, or by EFT
  4. You’re ok for us to take images / video of your dog, and use them on this site and other social media.
    1. Your personal details will not be released, only your dog’s name

Please contact us to see if we have space available for your dog.

Boarding info form

So we have all the info we need in one place, now we have spoken about our boarding your Rhodesian Ridgeback, please complete this form.

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