New Litter

Kaspar and Olivia 2

On May 31st, 2018, Kaspar and Olivia had their first litter. Puppies from it were so good, that we’re doing it again! More info in our Puppies FAQ.

Sire: Jarracada Kaspar; Dam: Jarracada Olivia

Actually whelped: 27 Aug 2019 (10 puppies); Males: 7; Females: 3

Page last updated: 7.50am, Mon 14 Oct 2019. See our Facebook page for the latest images and videos.

Key dates

Expressions of interest: Now closed.

Ready for inspection: Puppies at six weeks of age – around 8th October. Qualified buyers are invited to visit the litter, and select three puppy preferences.

Ready for collection: Puppies at eight weeks of age, around 22nd October.

Pics and vids (so far)

ABOVE: Olivia 8 weeks pregnant (due in one week).
ABOVE: Olivia 8 weeks pregnant.
ABOVE: Sire; Ch. Jarracada Kasper in 2014.
ABOVE: Olivia with her first two puppies out.
ABOVE: Olivia with all 10 puppies.
ABOVE: Two of Olivia's puppies.

LEFT: In this 30-second video, we see a group of puppies at 4 days of age suckling on mother Olivia.  Towards the end is a closeup. Be sure to turn up the sound to hear the puppies!

ABOVE: Olivia suckling 4-day-puppies.
ABOVE: One puppy suckling. At this age, the puppies suckle and sleep - nothing else.
ABOVE: A bunch of 5-day-old puppies suckling.

LEFT: Olivia becoming less-inclined to feed them now their teeth are coming in and claws are growing (we clip all their toenails a few times a week to reduce stress for Olivai). The puppies started on other food tday as well.

ABOVE pile of puppies sleeping at 5 weeks old.
ABOVE: Puppies at 5 weeks old, awake and ready to be fed!
ABOVE: Puppies at 5 weeks old feeding on a milk broth mix.
ABOVE: Tya with a 5-week old puppy.
ABOVE: Puppies at 6 weeks. Dam Olivia is pretty sick of them, and will only occasionally tolerate suckling.
ABOVE: After an intense play session, puppies are soooo tired they will sleep in any position (6 wks).
ABOVE: On the way to the vet for their 6wk checkup.
ABOVE: At 6 wks old, the puppies sleep a lot, sometimes two-deep.
ABOVE: But sometimes, they get too hot all in a pile, so they sleep separately (6wks).

Express your interest

Expressions of interest are now closed for this litter, but Contact Us about future litters.