Litter: Buckle and Kiwi

Dam (mother): Jarracada “Buckle”

Sire (father): Ch. Koruridge Elegaus Paradox (imp. NZL), “Kiwi”

Whelped: August 28, 2020

Puppies: 11 (5 boys, 6 girls), all black-nose.

Puppies ready for inspection: Estimated from October 9th, 2020. Maybe by video chat due to Covid 19 restrictions.

Puppies ready for collection: Estimated from October 23rd, 2020. May be affected by Covid-19 restrictions.

This page last updated: 8.00am, Mon 28 Sep, 2020.

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ABOVE: Buckle (standing) and Kiwi playing the first time They met. they mated on June 27, 2020.

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ABOVE: Buckle, mother of this litter.
ABOVE: Kiwi, father of this litter.
ABOVE: Ruby does not think much of Kiwi's christmas headgear.
ABOVE: Kiwi chilling outside.
ABOVE: Buckle pre-pregnancy (June 2020).
ABOVE: Buckle at 6 weeks, starting to show (due in three weeks)
ABOVE: Buckle at 7 weeks, two weeks to go.
kiwi sitting
ABOVE: Kiwi looking handsome.

Litter pictures

ABOVE: Puppies at 0 days old. Eyes and ears completely closed, all they do is suckle, sleep, and poo (Mum eats it all for the first few weeks).
ABOVE: Puppies at 0 days old, only 8 puppies out so far. Buckle tired but resilient. Note the green discharge on the yellow towel - totally normal.

ABOVE: A short video of the puppies at 0 days old. They often fall asleep suckling. The puppy on the right  is still a little wet from being born РBuckle licks them vigorously to make sure they are breathing and stimulated, then they crawl around to start suckling. Their ridges are well-defined even at this early age. Their colour will change to be more golden tan as they grow up over the next six weeks.

ABOVE: Buckle feeding the puppies at 6 days old.
ABOVE: Puppies sleeping in a puddle at 7 days old. They have doubled their weight since being born.
ABOVE: Buckle and her litter at 2 weeks of age.
ABOVE: Puppies at 3 weeks. They play with raw chicken wings to learn how to eat meat.

ABOVE: Puppies have started on a little minced meat twice a day. 4 weeks old.