Should we get pet insurance?

That’s a decision for you to make. Insurance will be a yearly or monthly fee that will cover you for most illnesses and injuries. For example, if your dog was hit by a car and needed $3000 of medical care, insurance would cover that.

How should I wash my dog?

When washing a dog, our tip is to always wash their head last – water on their head is what causes them to shake and get shampoo and water everywhere. We find it best to wash the back, sides, tummy and hind-quarters first (lather up, rinse off), then the neck and chest area, and finally […]

How often should I wash my dog?

Fun fact: dogs don’t sweat like humans do – they pant instead (breathe heavily, tongue out), to cool down. While technically dogs don’t need to be washed if they are free from fleas, living with an inside dog is much nicer if they are washed at least once every two weeks (we prefer to do […]

What do we do with our dog if we go on holiday?

Some caravan parks and even hotels allow dogs to stay under certain conditions, but we know that travelling with a dog is not always possible. Perhaps a trusted friend, family member or neighbour can look after the dog for the duration? Under some circumstances, we can care for your dog when you’re away. More info […]

How can I tell if my dog is over- or underweight?

Like humans, dogs of an ideal weight will be healthier and live longer. Ideally, when trotting, the dog’s ribs should be just visible. If the dog is overweight, the ribs will not be visible when trotting. Simply feed less food at each meal, and be sure to follow the exercise guidelines, keeping the balance the […]