We’re a bit older, is a Ridgeback still ok for us?

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are big. strong dogs. We have owners  in their 80’s with no problem handling their dog, but we have also had owners in their 60’s return their dog after a few months due to a fall (from the dog pulling), and broken bones. The difference? Socialisation and training! If you’re not able to […]

I subscribed to your mailing list, but I have not got any emails?

We do not send many messages to our mailing list, just three a year or so around the time of a litter. But this FAQ is probably what you want to know: When will you have puppies for sale? So, it’s likely we have just not had any litters since you subscribed. It’s easy to […]

Are Ridgebacks “inside” or “outside” dogs?

Any dog, regardless of the breed, is part of your pack and will be distressed being away its pack (for example, being outside when its pack is inside). This is bad when the pack is away from home, but much worse when the pack is home inside, and the dog is outside! The dog sees […]

How big a garden do I need?

A bigger garden is definitely preferred by your dog – more things to sniff and explore, more changes to keep it interested. But that’s not always possible, so if a smaller garden is the reality, more regular walks around the neighbourhood are required to keep the dog engaged and occupied. If you live in apartment […]

Are there any medical problems Rhodesian Ridgebacks are susceptible to?

Dermoid Sinus Dermoid Sinus (“skin hole”) is a small hole on the back of the puppy’s neck (usually on the neck, but anywhere on the spine) that can travel all the way to the spinal cord. This is a problem as stuff can get in the hole ane cause an infection of the spinal cord, […]

Is obedience training required for Rhodesian Ridgebacks?

Obedience training is vital for such a large and strong dog. Learning basic commands like “sit” (wait for me to start moving again), “stay” (stay where you are until I come back), “heel” (walk beside me, on-lead, without pulling), and “come” (also known as “recall”; come to me when I call the word and make […]

How long can I leave my Rhodesian Ridgeback alone?

Your dog will consider you its “pack”, and intensely dislikes being separated from you. Ideally (for them), they will be with you 24/7. Rhodesian Ridgebacks can adjust to their owners’ schedule of being away 6-7 hours a day, but will tend to get bored and that may manifest in destroying bedding, digging up plants in […]

How much exercise do Ridgebacks require?

All dogs need regular exercise, but compared to “working” or “gun” dogs (eg, Border Collies, Huskies, German shorthaired pointers), Ridgebacks need considerably less exercise. Allocate an hour a day for dog exercise, with an off-lead run is best. It can be a little less sometimes, but exercise is very important to your dog’s health. It’s […]