Where else can I find ridgeback puppies?

Different breeders have litters at different times of the year (and sometimes, no litters), so it’s worth looking at several breeders. We recommend the DogsVic Rhodesian Ridgeback page, and the DogzOnline Rhodesian Ridgeback page, for puppies from breeders in Victoria, Australia.

Can I buy a puppy if I live overseas or interstate?

We’re located 70km east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. While it’s possible to send puppies as freight on plane, it’s very disorienting for the puppy and a poor start to its life (having done it once, we’d be hesitant to do it again, even for an adult dog). We’re not comfortable doing it with puppies. That […]

You recommend feeding Dr B’s BARF… what about other brands?

Off brand BARF is ok when your dog is over 12 months, but during the key developmental stages, the right stuff matters more. Our concern with off-brand BARF feeds (such as “Leading raw” and “Big dog”) is that while their ingredients are suitable (primary concern is, no grain), they don’t specify what proportions the contents […]

Do puppies come with papers?

Yes, all puppies we sell come with “papers”. Both parents are registered with Dogs Victoria, and before being sold, all puppies will be microchipped and registered.

What vaccinations, immunisations, worming, etc does my dog need?

Once-off treatments Age Treatment 6 weeks (before you collect the puppy – we do this) Vaccination for Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Distemper. Known as “C3”, the first instance 10 weeks “C5” five diseases; boosters 16 weeks “C5” booster again   Ongoing treatments Vet recommendations vary, but here are our guidelines. Frequency Treatment Each two weeks 2wks, 4wks, […]

When can I take my puppy out in public?

There are several diseases your puppy is vulnerable to before being fully vaccinated, and it can only be vaccinated at certain ages (see below). Diseases can be caught from other dogs’ poo and wee, so don’t risk it. So, from when collecting the puppy at 8 weeks, to its final in the series of puppy […]

What are good toys for my puppy?

Plenty of companies will be happy to sell you expensive dog toys, but most of them do not last long, and puppies don’t care about brands! Simple household objects will be just as satisfying – toilet roll tubes and empty tissue boxes  (remove the plastic “lips” first) are always a hit with our puppies. They’ll […]

How should I house-train my puppy? (not to wee or poo inside)

Training your puppy not to wee and poo inside is sure to be important to you! The good news is, all dogs can reliably learn this. The bad news is, it always takes longer than you would prefer. Over time, using the below techniques, your puppy will stand by the door and whine when it […]

What should I NOT do with my puppy?

This FAQ has a lot of details on what should be done with puppies, but we need to add a short list of what not to do, thing that others may encourage you to consider or you may not realise could be bad for your puppy. If the puppy wees or poos inside, never rub […]