Do you keep puppies from the litter?

We may choose to keep a puppy from the litter. Our goal when breeding is to improve the breed, and to do that, we need the best males and females. So, we have “first pick of the litter”. We’re looking for many technical details such as the size and shape of the ridge, ear pitch, […]

What happens in the second-round interview?

The second-round interview is usually face-to-face, at our home. You’ll get to meet us, the mother of the litter, and all the puppies from the litter. You can see where the puppies have been living, and learn how they have been brought up so far. Your family will get to play with the puppies for […]

What happens in the first round interview (after I express my interest)?

We’ll call you and ask a set of questions to understand the kind of life the new dog would have with your family over the next 12 years (that is, what we estimate the new dog’s life to be). We’ll ask followup questions, to understand your underlying principles of how your family will live with […]

Where else can I find ridgeback puppies?

Different breeders have litters at different times of the year (and sometimes, no litters), so it’s worth looking at several breeders. We recommend the DogsVic Rhodesian Ridgeback page, and the DogzOnline Rhodesian Ridgeback page, for puppies from breeders in Victoria, Australia.

Do I have a chance of getting a puppy from this litter?

We make the decision to offer a puppy for purchase on many factors, but how fast you can respond to an email is not one of them. Everyone is in with an equal chance if they submit an Expression of Interest in the one week EoI period (we’ll post a notice with a link on […]

We’re a bit older, is a Ridgeback still ok for us?

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are big. strong dogs. We have owners  in their 80’s with no problem handling their dog, but we have also had owners in their 60’s return their dog after a few months due to a fall (from the dog pulling), and broken bones. The difference? Socialisation and training! If you’re not able to […]

I subscribed to your mailing list, but I have not got any emails?

We do not send many messages to our mailing list, just three a year or so around the time of a litter. But this FAQ is probably what you want to know: When will you have puppies for sale? So, it’s likely we have just not had any litters since you subscribed. It’s easy to […]

Can I buy a puppy if I live overseas or interstate?

We’re located 70km east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. While it’s possible to send puppies as freight on plane, it’s very disorienting for the puppy and a poor start to its life (having done it once, we’d be hesitant to do it again, even for an adult dog). We’re not comfortable doing it with puppies. That […]

How much do puppies cost?

Puppies for our next litter in 2021 will likely priced at AU$4500 each, plus an AU$1000 sterilisation bond (that’s refunded when you provide proof of sterilisation, more info). We reserve to change the price closer tot he whelping date. A $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required by the time the puppy is seven weeks of age.