New Litter

Litter: Olivia and Uatu

Dam (mother): Jarracada “Olivia”.

This will be Olivia’s third litter. Check out her first and second litter pages (to a different sire).

Sire (father): Supreme Grand Champion Etosha Uatu of the Asgard (“Uatu”, pronounced, “Wah-too”). Owner, breeder, handler – Anna Lane.

Whelped: December 1, 2020; 8 puppies.

Puppies: 5 female, 3 male.

Expressions of interest open: Between 10th and 17th December. We’ll send a message out to our mailing list – subscribe below.

Puppies ready for inspection: Planned forΒ  January 16 and 17, 2021.Β 

Puppies ready for collection: Planned for January 30 and 31, 2021.Β 

More info on how buying puppies form us works in our Puppies FAQ.Β 

We encourage you to prepare your Expression of Interest in a puppy from this litter – it’ll take you as few hours – but we’re not actually taking EoI’s until December 10th 2020.

ABOVE: Sire Uatu winning his Supreme Grand Champion accolade.
ABOVE: Dam Olivia
ABOVE: Olivia (left) and Uatu (right) on their mating day. πŸ’–

Technical data

Jarracada Olivia

πŸ“„ Pedigree

πŸ“„ DNA test (coming soon)

πŸ“„ Hip and elbow scores (lost in a house move; Olivia cannot be retested until she has whelped and finished lactating; our recollection is that she was assessed as Grade 0, the best)



ABOVE: Olivia with 6-week old puppies from her last litter.
ABOVE: Olivia at 8.5 weeks pregnant (due in a few days).
ABOVE: Olivia almost ready to whelp, and super happy.


ABOVE: Olivia and her puppies at 0 days old.