Litter: Mackenzie and Uatu

Dam (mother): Jarracada “Mackenzie”. This is Mackenzie’s first litter. 

Sire (father): Supreme Grand Champion Etosha Uatu of the Asgard (“Uatu”, pronounced, “Wah-too”). Owner, breeder, handler – Anna Lane.

Whelped: Tue 16 Nov, 2021.

Puppies: 12 (6 boys, 6 girls). This was an enormous litter!

Expressions of interest: Closed – all puppies sold. 

Puppies ready for inspection: Planned Dec 28, 2021. 

Puppies ready for collection: Jan 9, 2022. 

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ABOVE: Etosha Uatu winning his Supreme Champion award.

Technical data

Sire - Sup. Ch. Etosha Uatu

ABOVE: Uatu at the beach.
ABOVE: Uatu gets a bath.
ABOVE: Uatu likes the orange tree.
ABOVE: Uatu relaxing.
ABOVE: Uatu cleaning up.
ABOVE: Uatu in the garden.

Dam Mackenzie

ABOVE: Mackenzie 5 weeks pregnant.
ABOVE: Mackenzie at 7 weeks pregnant.
ABOVE: Puppies at 0 days old.
ABOVE: Mackenzie's first pup, a few minutes old.
ABOVE: Puppies on teats getting their first milk.
ABOVE: Mackenzie is not quite sure about the first two out yet.

LEFT: This short video was shot when the puppies were one day old, and shows them suckling while mother Mackenzie is calm and relaxed. She licks the puppy to stimulate it to wee and poo (for the first few weeks, she eats that). The puppy tails out and hooked indicates they are attached to the teat getting  milk.

ABOVE: Mackenzie and her puppies at 4 days old. Eating and sleeping is all they do, sometimes both at the same time! Mackenzie proving to be an excellent and attentive mum. The puppies are noticeably growing now. 

ABOVE: Puppies at 1 week of age. They are growing fast – from a birth weight of 510g, the largest puppy is now 1kg! Mackenzie continuing to do well as a mum. We put them in a tub when changing the  lining of the litter box.

Here we see the puppies at 3 weeks of age. They’re starting to walk and their eyes are open. Mackenzie is getting a bit sick of them as they become more aggressive to get milk form her, but she’s still feeding them well. The puppies started on small amounts of solid food this week.

ABOVE: Puppies at three weeks of age.

ABOVE: A puppy’s life at five weeks of age.