Litter: Olivia and Uatu

Dam (mother): Jarracada “Olivia”.

This will be Olivia’s third litter. Check out her first and second litter pages (to a different sire).

Sire (father): Supreme Grand Champion Etosha Uatu of the Asgard (“Uatu”, pronounced, “Wah-too”). Owner, breeder, handler – Anna Lane.

Whelped: December 1, 2020; 8 puppies.

Puppies: 5 female, 3 male.

Expressions of interest: Now closed (they were open from Dec 10 to 20th). 

Puppies ready for inspection: Planned for January 9 and 10, 2021. 

Puppies ready for collection: Planned for January 30 and 31, 2021. 

More info on how buying puppies form us works in our Puppies FAQ

ABOVE: Sire Uatu winning his Supreme Grand Champion accolade.
ABOVE: Dam Olivia
ABOVE: Olivia (left) and Uatu (right) on their mating day. 💖

Technical data



ABOVE: Olivia with 6-week old puppies from her last litter.
ABOVE: Olivia at 8.5 weeks pregnant (due in a few days).
ABOVE: Olivia almost ready to whelp, and super happy.


ABOVE: Olivia and her puppies at 0 days old.
ABOIVE: Puppies at 3 days of age.

This short video shows the puppies at 2 days old suckling from Olivia. Be sure to have the sound up to hear what’s happening!

The pink matting absorbs liquids, thought currently Olivia eats all the poo and wee puppies make – she does this for the first three weeks or so. She licks each puppy’s tummy which triggers them to wee and poo.

Olivia’s very calm with the puppies, this is her third litter and she’s familiar with the process. She’ll spend almost every minute with them – she’ll only get out of the litter box to wee and poo herself a few times a day, then she is straight back with the puppies.

ABOVE: At three weeks of age, the puppies are starting to play and interact with each other. This will be come a significant part of their life from four weeks of age.
ABOVE: Olivia and puppies at three weeks of age.
ABOVE: Puppies at five weeks, thinking about going outside.
ABOVE: Puppy puddle at 5 weeks.
ABOVE: Puppies on 6wk inspection day.
ABOVE: Puppies on 6wk inspection day.
ABOVE: Puppy on 6wk inspection day.