Litter: Buckle and Kiwi

Dam (mother): Jarracada “Buckle” Sire (father): Ch. Koruridge Elegaus Paradox (imp. NZL), “Kiwi” Whelped: August 28, 2020 Puppies: 11 (5 boys, 6 girls), all black-nose. Puppies ready for inspection: Estimated from October 9th, 2020. Maybe by video chat due to Covid 19 restrictions. Puppies ready for collection: Estimated from October 23rd, 2020. May be affected […]

Kaspar and Olivia 2

Note: All puppies from this litter are now sold. On May 31st, 2018, Kaspar and Olivia had their first litter. Puppies from it were so good, that we’re doing it again! More info in our Puppies FAQ. Sire: Jarracada Kaspar; Dam: Jarracada Olivia Actually whelped: 27 Aug 2019 (10 puppies); Males: 7; Females: 3 Page last […]

Kasper and Olivia

Sire:  Ch. Jarracada Kasper (more info about Kasper and his progeny) Dam: Jarracada Olivia 01 Sep 2018: Breeder reassignment form download. Kasper and Olivia live together and are best friends. Awww. 🐶❤ Whelped: May 31st, 2018 from 2am Massive litter of 12 puppies, 7 males 5 females. 29 July 2018: All puppies are now sold! Subscribe to our […]

New litter: Kasper and Marissa (second)

Sire: Aust. Ch. Jarracada Kasper (more pics of Kasper and his progeny) Dam: Jarracada Marissa Due: 27 Nov 2017 Whelped: 29 Nov, 2017 Puppies: 3 female, 5 male Click images for a larger version.    

New litter: Kasper and Marissa (first)

Sire: Aust. Ch. Jarracada Kasper (more pics of Kasper and his progeny) Dam: Jarracada Marissa Due: 17 Nov 2015 Whelped: 16 Nov 2015, between 0830 and 1500. Puppies: 8, four female, four male, all black-nosed. Plus, one bonus female a few hours later. Click images for a larger version.    

New litter: Jarrah and Harley

Whelped: August 22, 2015 Count: 9 puppies Dam: Jarracada Kallista (“Jarrah”) Sire: Aust. Ch. Dinizulu True-blue (“Harley”) Ready for collection: now! Update, Oct 21, 2015: One female pup still available! Click for full-size images.

New litter: Hedda and Cheif

Sire: Sahwira Kuukiburi  (“Chief”) Dam: Jarracada Gemma (“Hedda”) Litter whelped: May 31, 2015 Puppies: 7, 5 dogs, 2 bitches Puppies ready for inspection: Early July, 2015 Puppies ready for collection: Late July, 2015   Click images to see a larger version.

New litter: Jarracada Hermione and Icarus

Sire: Ch. Jarracada Icarus Dam: Ch. Jarracada Hermione Whelped: March 26, 2014 Count: 8 pups, 3 dogs, 5 bitches Click on images for full-size version. More images to come soon.    

New Litter: Imogen and Fynn

Dam: Ch. Jarracada Imogen Sire: Ch. Kimbisha “Making Magic” (Fynn) Litter whelped: 24 October, 2013; 5 female and 7 male pups At two weeks old, they’re walking, weigh 1.5-2kg each, their eyes are open and have had their first round of worming. At 3.5 weeks old, they’re eating solid food (minced chicken wings), and Imogen is […]