Litter: Mackenzie and Uatu

Dam (mother): Jarracada “Mackenzie”. This is Mackenzie’s first litter.  Sire (father): Supreme Grand Champion Etosha Uatu of the Asgard (“Uatu”, pronounced, “Wah-too”). Owner, […]

Litter: Olivia and Uatu

Dam (mother): Jarracada “Olivia”. This will be Olivia’s third litter. Check out her first and second litter pages (to a different sire). […]

Litter: Buckle and Kiwi

Dam (mother): Jarracada “Buckle” Sire (father): Ch. Koruridge Elegaus Paradox (imp. NZL), “Kiwi” Whelped: August 28, 2020 Puppies: 11 (5 boys, 6 […]

Kaspar and Olivia 2

Note: All puppies from this litter are now sold. On May 31st, 2018, Kaspar and Olivia had their first litter. Puppies from […]

Kasper and Olivia

Sire:  Ch. Jarracada Kasper (more info about Kasper and his progeny) Dam: Jarracada Olivia 01 Sep 2018: Breeder reassignment form download. Kasper and Olivia […]

New litter: Jarrah and Harley

Whelped: August 22, 2015 Count: 9 puppies Dam: Jarracada Kallista (“Jarrah”) Sire: Aust. Ch. Dinizulu True-blue (“Harley”) Ready for collection: now! Update, Oct 21, 2015: […]

New litter: Hedda and Cheif

Sire: Sahwira Kuukiburi  (“Chief”) Dam: Jarracada Gemma (“Hedda”) Litter whelped: May 31, 2015 Puppies: 7, 5 dogs, 2 bitches Puppies ready for inspection: Early July, 2015 […]