Can I buy a puppy if I live overseas or interstate?

We’re located 70km east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

While it’s possible to send puppies as freight on plane, it’s very disorienting for the puppy and a poor start to its life (having done it once, we’re not comfortable doing it again, even for an adult dog).

That means we’re not able to sell to people located off mainland Australia (including Tasmania, where dogs are locked in a cage on deck of the Spirit of Tasmania ferry for the duration of the crossing). We encourage you to contact a Rhodesian Ridgeback club local to you, who can connect you with local breeders. However, the PawMobile service might be of interest (private air charter, direct flights) – this is acceptable to us.

For mainland interstate customers, driving the puppy to your home is possible, but consider that two visits to us are required:

  1. One to meet us and the puppies, when they are six weeks old.
  2. One visit to collect the puppy at eight weeks of age.

Of course, flying to Melbourne is possible for the first visit. Tullamarine airport is best, we’re about 1.5 hours drive from there.