How does buying a puppy from you work?

First, you subscribe to our mailing list (bottom of this page). And we recommend you follow us on Facebook, where we’ll make regular updates on the current litter.

We send out a message to our mailing list advising the pregnancy is confirmed (typically three to four weeks before the puppies are due to be whelped), and another message when the litter is actually whelped. We’ll make a page on our site for this litter, and add images and videos regularly (select “Current Litter” from the “Puppies” menu above).

When the puppies are one to two weeks old, we invite Expressions of Interest in buying a puppy from this litter – we send a message out to our mailing list to notify we’re open for submissions. Expressions of Interest are open for a week, and there’s no advantage to expressing interest early and no disadvantage to expressing late – we assess each expression of interest on its own merits.

Expressions of Interest are submitted in writing, and involve an hour or two of writing, to prepare a submission that has a higher chance of success. More info.

We’ll speak on the phone to promising applicants to discuss their submission.

We get many more people wanting to buy puppies than we have puppies, so we have to make some difficult decisions.

We allow visits (in Covid-19 times, this may need to be by video chat) when the puppies are six weeks old, never before. At this stage, you select your first, second and third preference, from those available (puppies wear collars with numbers, so we can tell them apart). We’ll be assessing you just as much as you’re assessing our puppies!

We’ll provide info so you can prepare to have a puppy – info on bedding and feeding, for example. By Week 7, a $1000 deposit is required.

Puppies can be collected at 8 weeks of age (never earlier). Remaining payment can be made by bank transfer a few days before collection.

When you collect your new puppy, we’ll answer your questions and provide more info.

We remain available to support you for the life of your puppy.