We bought a puppy from you, we’re going on holiday, can you look after it?

We love dogs, but we’re not able to look after other people’s dogs unfortunately.¬†Our dogs are “inside dogs”, and there’s a risk of your dog “not getting on” with our dogs, which could lead to fights and injury (to the dogs, or us). We don’t want to risk that!

We generally recommend against commercial kennels – while the dog will generally be safe with a good one, the quality of life is not great – there’s very little human interaction when the three staff have to feed 150 other dogs!

We use and recommend Mad Paws and PawShake, which are community based pet-sitting services, where people can come and stay in your house for the duration you’re away to care for your dog, or take the dog to their house.

Another option is to post a message on the private Facebook group for your litter, where your dog’s littermate’s owners can read your request and consider taking your dog for the period (likewise, you could consider taking theirs when they go on holiday!).

Contact us if you cannot access the Private Group for your litter, and let us know your name on Facebook so we can connect and invite you.

Ad reminder, if you’re no longer able to keep your Rhodesian Ridgeback, please let us know – we will come and collect it from you and work to permanently re-home it.