What happens in the second-round interview?

The second-round interview is face-to-face, at our home. You’ll get to meet us, the mother of the litter, and all the puppies from the litter. You can see where the puppies have been living, and learn how they have been brought up so far.

Your family will get to play with the puppies for a while, and select your “top three” preferences. We’ll answer any questions you have, and ask you more questions about the life you’d provide for the new dog. As we have many of these appointments in a short space of time, we limit them to 75 minutes maximum.

In Covid-19 times, when face-to-face visits described above are not possible, instead we schedule a video chat (ideally for the whole family). We’ll have some puppies to show you, and we’ll ask more questions, and some new questions exploring the home you’d provide for the puppy in more depth. Of course, you’ll be able to ask more questions too. During and after the call, we’ll make some notes for our records.

Once we have spoken to each family, we’ll review our assessments from the original Submission – maybe they will increase, decrease, or remain the same.

We’ll let the successful families know, and start discussing preparation and pickup details.