What is the nature of Rhodesian Ridgebacks?

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are friendly, loyal, cuddly good natured dogs that thrive in a loving family home with lots of contact with people. They prefer to be warm, often lying directly in front of a fireplace or heater for hours on end – perhaps this comes from their sub-Saharan roots in Rhodesia (modern-day Zimbabwe)?

Ridgebacks are well-suited to being “inside dogs”, and while they’d very much like to share your bed and sofas, they are just as comfortable on a dog-bed on the floor. Ridgebacks are excellent around children – even babies – stoically withstanding the “friendly abuse” young children dispense, if they are familiar with the child. But, we recommend teaching children that while the family dog may accept ear-pulling and tail grabbing, other dogs may not, and it’s best to treat all dogs with respect.

Ridgebacks tend to sleep a lot – some have been witnessed to sleep up to 23 hours a day, though 15 hours is more common. Typically, they are happy to play when their family wants to, but equally happy to sleep, or at least lie down and watch the world go by with naps liberally sprinkled in their schedule.

Ridgebacks are very suitable in a office work environment, and having dogs at work is proven to increase morale and makes a work day more enjoyable.

Read the official Australian Kennel Council Rhodesian Ridgeback breed specification.