What vaccinations, immunisations, worming, etc does my dog need?

Once-off treatments

Age Treatment
6 weeks (before you collect the puppy – we do this) Vaccination for Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Distemper. Known as “C3”, the first instance
10 weeks “C5” five diseases; boosters
16 weeks “C5” booster again


Ongoing treatments

Vet recommendations vary, but here are our guidelines.

Frequency Treatment
Each two weeks 2wks, 4wks, 6wk, 8wks, 10wks: Worms treatment. Drontal is reliable brand.
Each four weeks 14wks, 18wks, 22wks: Worms treatment. Drontal is reliable brand.
Monthly For rest of life:

Worming (Sentinal tablet or Advocate drop on back of neck) when over 20kgs / 5m of age. Intestinal worms, heartworm, mites, fleas, all parasites.


Three times a year, Drontal tablet to suit weight of dog (but, that’s only for intestinal worms). But may have to treat for fleas with other means.

Yearly For rest of life:

Kennel cough, heartworm

Each 3 years For rest of life: