You recommend feeding Dr B’s BARF… what about other brands?

“Off brand” BARF is ok when your dog is over 12 months, but during the key developmental stages, the right stuff matters more.
Our concern with off-brand BARF feeds (such as “Leading raw”) is that while their ingredients are suitable (primary concern is, no grain), they don’t specify what proportions the contents are mixed as. While a little more or less meat or vegetables is not a big deal, the proportion of vitamins and minerals are important. The fact they are not specified indicates they’re likely not so careful about the proportions, which can have serious health effects.
So, our recommendation would be to stick with Dr B’s BARF or Big Dog Raw for the first 12 months. The others are not terrible, but they are not as good (careful, some of the knockoffs have very similar packaging as Dr B’s BARF!).