Do I need to get my puppy sterilised?

Yes, we require that all puppies we sell be sterilised.

Female dogs: Spayed by hysterectomy.

Male dogs: Sterilisation by vasectomy.

Dog breeding is only for experts who are registered with several organisations, passed an exam, and have experience in managing breeding lines for the improvement of the breed.

Sterilising males

All our male puppies must be sterilised. The main reason to sterilise a male dog is to prevent accidental pregnancies and “backyard” breeding.

We require a vasectomy. The testicles remain, but he cannot impregnate female dogs once he has had the vasectomy operation. Note that he will still serve (mate with) bitches in heat when vasectomised, but cannot not impregnate them.

How it works

We charge a $1000 sterilisation bond when purchasing a male puppy, refunded when you provide the certificate of sterilisation to us (your vet will provide this)

  1. Around 12 weeks of age, you make an appointment at Monash Vet Clinic for a vasectomy
  2. You’re asked to drop the dog off before 9am, and collect him before 8pm

Castration is not recommended

While it’s commonly believed that castration improves behaviour, there’s no actual evidence of this. Castration is no longer recommended by the Australian Veterinary Association. Castrating after 18 months is acceptable (still not recommended). NEVER castrate a puppy – it can;

  • Ruin his growth;
  • Give him weak bones;
  • Result in a feminine appearance;
  • Make him more prone to prostate cancer and hip dysplasia
  • Cause ACL ruptures

Sterilising females

  • All our female puppies must be sterilised, between 9 and 15 months of age
    • It’s very unlikely a bitch would come into heat (that is, be fertile) before 9 months of age
    • Sterilising females before nine months of age can affect their growth, so is not recommended. Early sterilisation also commonly causes incontinence when the bitch is older.
  • This operation can be performed by most vet clinics
  • We charge a $1000 sterilisation bond when purchasing a female puppy, refunded when you provide proof of spaying (a sterilisation certificate, that your vet provides)