Should I get a male or female puppy?

Most of this comes down to personal preference, but there are some considerations when selecting a gender – note that all of these are tendencies, not guarantees.

  • Male dogs “lift their leg” (pee) on most vertical surfaces outside.
    • That can be smelly and annoying, especially if it’s a veranda post by the back door, for example!
    • Female dogs squat to pee.
    • Both can be trained to pee in specific places, however.
  • Male dogs tend to be more devoted to their owners
    • Female dogs are certainly loyal, but un-spayed bitches can be affected by hormones causing them to be a little more “hormonal” sometimes (that’s a broad generalisation; all our dogs have excellent temperaments!)
  • Male dogs tend to be larger, heavier, and broader than female dogs, but this is not a certainty
  • Male dogs tend to be stronger than female dogs, meaning they can be hard to control when excited.
    • However, good training addresses this.
    • Note, male dogs are not more or less aggressive to humans than female dogs (bitches) are
  • Male dogs tend to die younger at 10 years, compared to 12-14 years for female dogs 🙁
  • Male dogs may drool more when older